A special educational foundation has been established in Dr. Braiker's memory. One of its key missions is to provide leadership and self-esteem training for adolescents.

The Harriet Braiker Leadership Retreat for Girls

The Dr. Harriet Braiker Memorial Foundation took 42 high school girls -- 32 freshmen and 10 specially-trained Senior Leaders -- on an innovative three-day weekend retreat to teach them leadership skills, as well as training in self-esteem and self-confidence. 

At the conclusion of the retreat, all girls completed an evaluation form, and also were asked: 
"Describe briefly how the retreat affected you" and "What was the most important skill you learned at the retreat?"

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Click here to read some of the girls' illuminating responses about skills they learned.

If you would like more information about the Harriet Braiker Leadership Retreat program, or to find out if your school or youth organization can participate in a future leadership retreat of your own, please send an inquiry by e-mail to information@harrietbraikerfoundation.org.

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