The September 11 Syndrome

From the Publisher:

Seven important steps to help you cope with “the New Normalcy,” and live your life without debilitating fears. 

September 11 forever changed the way we view the world, affecting how we go about our day-to-day -- formerly routine -- activities. September 11 was the day phobias turned into reality; anxiety turned into panic; and the only sure thing was uncertainty. But, in the wake of September 11, as panic and horror slowly subside, many of us are still left with anxious days and sleepless nights. “When will the other shoe drop?” is on everyone’s minds, if not their lips.

Internationally renowned psychologist and bestselling author Dr. Harriet Braiker has identified a new kind of stress bred of this uncertainty:  The September 11 Syndrome. Symptoms include: persistent anxiety and worry, sleep disruption, lingering low-grade depression, avoidance of fear-provoking activities or places, increased irritability and a general feeling of loss of control and helplessness.  

The September 11 Syndrome addresses these symptoms and offers seven practical ways for getting a grip and regaining a sense of control.  Because despite the turbulent times, people still have to fly, get up and go to work, take their kids to school, go shopping, go to theaters, take vacations, have fun, and keep their families together. This book shows you how to recognize the symptoms of the September 11 Syndrome and, in clear prescriptive language, to:

  • Transform negative thoughts and images into positive ones
  • Overcome your fears -- from flying to driving over bridges
  • Gain control over constant worry
  • Take action against helplessness and depression
  • Enhance the comfort of your personal “safety” zones
  • Strengthen your connections to others
  • Discover with your own personal courage every day

If you are feeling the lingering effects of stress, anxiety, and depression, you are not alone. In the aftermath of  September 11, the recovery process is a long one. But it’s not impossible. Armed with this powerful guide, you can regain a sense of control over your life -- and the freedom of mind to experience everyday joys once again.

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