The Type E Woman: 
How to Overcome the Stress of Being Everything to Everybody

This revolutionary book, contending that Type E Women suffer from a different - and arguably greater - form of negative stress than their Type A Male counterparts, sent shock waves and made news headlines around the world when it was first published.

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“Will evoke a collective sigh of relief from women who wonder why more is beginning to feel like less.”—Los Angeles Times

From the Publisher

The high-achieving Type E woman -- the woman who is trying to excel in multiple roles and be everything to everybody -- is the victim of her own success. The more she shows she can do, the more others demand of her. And the cost to her physical and mental health can be enormous. By understanding the conflicts underlying Type E behavior, and by adopting Dr. Braiker's Type E stress management program, women can be successful without killing themselves by trying to do and have it all.

In addition to exposing the Everything-to-Everybody stress syndrome and examining its psychological causes, Dr. Harriet Braiker, who first identified Type E, shows how to tell if you are a Type E woman, gives strategies and exercises to build better stress resistance, and presents a 21-Day Mental Workout Training Program to help manage the barrage of demands that threaten to overwhelm Type E women.